March 06, 2021
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Basic Order only

If you would like general information on NES, the NES profiles and their meaning and purpose please visit our On NESUBL page. For information on UBL 2.0 visit our On UBL page.

This profile is intended for low frequency, non-repetitive ordering of goods and services, itemised or otherwise.

This profile describes a process comprising only an electronic (purchase) order. It allows for electronic ordering of goods and services/services that are non-standard or not easily described in catalogues.

The order may refer to a framework agreement for its terms and conditions; otherwise the customer’s terms and conditions apply.

The order may contain items (goods or services) with item identifiers and items with free text description. Because of this, the internal processes for transaction handling at the supplier are expected to require manual intervention.

This process is intended to result in acceptance or rejection of the order in full, but such responses are external e.g. by phone or email.

This profile can be used with little or no integration to ERP systems.

Business benefits

These are the business benefits to the parties:
Customer Party
  • Systematic acquisition process.
Supplier Party
  • Closer customer relations.
  • Increased trust in received orders.

Business documents

The UBL 2.0 documents used in this profiles are:
  • Order

Business scenarios

The scenarios used in this profiles are:
  • Order accepted.
  • Order rejected.

Business activities

Activity description:
  • Buyer party creates and sends an order to seller party.
  • Seller party receives and processes the order.
  • Seller party accepts or rejects the order in full. Acceptance of the order initiates a delivery and payment request process. Rejection leads to an external resolution process. Notification of acceptance/rejection is external.
  • Implied, delivery is external to this profile.
  • Implied, billing is external to this process.
Activity diagram:

NES Profile #3: Basic Order Only