March 06, 2021
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eefacta Server
eefacta Server

The eefacta Server is a customizable on-site business messaging server serving as a front end to the enterprise back end systems.

 Enterprise Solutions

Targeting and features

Targeted for large enterprises with diverse needs:

  • Serves as a front end for ERP systems and other back end systems.
  • Internal display of received/sent business documents within and from the enterprise.
  • Tailored solutions to protect investment in older business processes/systems.
  • Integrated conformant OpenPeppol Access Point (AP) for sending and receive.
  • Integrated with serviced or on-site OpenPEPPOL Service Metadata Publisher (SMP).
  • Integrated validation of business messages to conform with PEPPOL BIS and other techincal specifications.
  • Option for an integrated NemHandel Access Point.

Connection from an ERP system

The ERP is connected directly to the eefacta Server via the eefacta Cloud API. The eefacta Server is connected to other enterprises directly and via the eefacta Hub.

Supported platforms

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 (with .NET Framework v4.5 installed)
  • Database System: SQL Server 2015, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008  - Enterprise, Standard, Web, Express (the free verson).

The eefacta ecosystem

An overview of the roles of each service in the eefacta ecosystem. eefacta Web as standalone, eefacta Hub and eefacta Server providing access to external business document exchange networks through eefacta Cloud API.

 Feature comparisons: eefacta Server vs. eefacta Hub side by side
 About compliance: Why are standards and specifications important?

Feature details

Further information


The eefacta Server is licensed software. The product is licensed in volume packages and can be scaled out to multiple servers to accommodate high volume traffic. Licenses are either available for a one-time license fee plus yearly maintenance fees or as a software lease with fixed monthly fees with a minimum three years binding contract.

The software license is a nonexclusive and nontransferable license to use the software according to specified conditions.


SKU Name Description Price
EBDGBAS eefacta Server Basic Basic version. Up to 120.000 messages per year. Contact us
EBDGADV eefacta Server Advanced Advanced version. Up to 350.000 messages per year. Contact us
EBDGPRM eefacta Server Premium Premium version. Up to 500.000 messages per year. Contact us
EBDGULT eefacta Server Ultimate Ultimate version. Up to 1.000.000 messages per year. Contact us
EBDGENT eefacta Server Enterprise Enterprise version. Unlimited messages per year. Contact us

* Maintenance contract is mandatory the first year.

Support and upgrades

SKU Name Description Price
    On site support and best practices e-invoice consulting regarding setup and integration with business systems. Contact us
EBDGMNT eefacta Server Support and Maintenance Contract One year maintenance contract. Includes all upgrades for one year and product support via e-mail. 25% of licence cost.
EBDGPRM eefacta Server Premium Support Contract Includes direct access to our support team by phone or electronic mail for one year. Sold as an addition to the Support and Maintenance Contract. Includes up to ten direct access incidents. 3495 EUR

* Support and Maintenance Contract is mandatory the first year. Includes right to updated business and document validations, transformation to legible formats and the right to use in immediate subsidiaries.