March 06, 2021
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eefacta Hub
eefacta Hub

The eefacta Hub is the backbone in the eefacta service infrastructure. It is a cloud-based business document messaging server for companies of all sizes.

 Cloud Services, Enterprise Solutions

Targeting and features

The eefacta Hub is connected to standardized international and national electronic business networks, such as the European OpenPEPPOL network (with the integrated PEPPOL Access Point and SMP Services) and NemHandel in Denmark and knows:

  • Which standards are accepted/are in use – nationally and internationally.
  • Who can receive electronic business documents and what they can receive.
  • How the business document should be formatted for compliance.
  • Where they are located and how to deliver documents in a secure and traceable manner.

The eefacta Hub takes care of the following requirements:

  • Quality: Formal business documents must comply with the corresponding standard.
  • Security: All data is secured from the point of sending into the hub and to the reception point of the internal receiver and/or to the external hub (e.g. Peppol or NemHandel).
  • Tracability: All access to date is traceable. Who sent, viewed, received what and when.

Connection from an ERP system

The ERP is connected directly to the eefacta Hub via the eefacta Cloud API.

The eefacta ecosystem

An overview of the roles of each service in the eefacta ecosystem. the standalone eefacta Web, the eefacta Hub and the eefacta Server providing access to external business document exchange networks through the eefacta Cloud API.

 Feature comparisons: eefacta Server vs. eefacta Hub side by side
 About compliance: Why are standards and specifications important?

Feature details

Further information


Get the subscription package that suites your usage needs.

  • Monthly subscription fees are charged with subscription packages for all usage levels.
  • Usage exceeding the included transaction allowance is post-paid as variable cost.


SKU Name Included invoices* (per month) Subscription (per month) Per additional invoice* 
HUBPK1 eefacta Hub Starter 50 sent/received 25 EUR 0,50 EUR 
HUBPK2 eefacta Hub Small 125 sent/received 58 EUR 0,46 EUR 
HUBPK3 eefacta Hub Small Plus 250 sent/received 106 EUR
0,42 EUR 
HUBPK4 eefacta Hub Medium 500 sent/received 200 EUR
0,40 EUR 
HUBPK5 eefacta Hub Medium Plus 1.250 sent/received 406 EUR 0,32 EUR 
HUBPK6 eefacta Hub Large  5.000 sent/received  Call for info
HUBPK7 eefacta Hub Large Plus 10.500 sent/received  Call for info
HUBPK8 eefacta Hub Enterprise  20.000 sent/received  Call for info
* or any other other business documents
** no setup or additional connection fees

For customers with higher usage needs we recommend an eefacta Server installation, operating on a dedicated server, either hosted or in-house.

Get connected

There are three ways to get access to eefacta Hub and the international document exchange networks:

  • Larger enterprises  with their own in-house development can sign an agreement with us. We can provide either full consultancy on implementing the standards or the minimum support needed to get connected.
  • Solution providers which service business software packages (ERPs) can become re-seller and implementation partners. We train and support them to comply with all standards and specifications.
  • Using eefacta Web, our online sales and billing system aimed at micro and small enterprises, which has a separate pricing model.