March 06, 2021
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Enterprise Solutions

Complete solutions for electronic document exchange and document handling automation, available as private front-end server installations or cloud based services. Various support and development tools help ease the implementation.

eefacta Server
eefacta Hub
  ebManager NAV

Targeting and service

We offer complete solutions for electronic document exchange processing for the enterprise and tools to aid in automating document handling..

The eefacta Server is a private on-site server targeting the larger enterprises which need or want to tailor their document exchange solutions to protect their investment in existing systems and processes.

The eefacta Hub is a cloud based server targeted at all enterprises which connect their ERP system to the cloud via plugins or the API. Larger enterprises can start with the cloud based solution and very easily migrate to the private eefacta Server.

The eefacta Hub is connected directly to international and national document exchange networks (Peppol in Europe and NemHandel in Denmark). The eefacta Server is either connected directly to these document exchange networks or indirectly via the eefacta Hub.

The support and development tools ease the development and implementation work for enabling document exchange. The validation tools make sure your business documents comply with standards. Plug-in tools are available to create and handle business documents inside your business application (e.g. your ERP system) and help you automate the document handling.

These solutions fully comply with business document formats (e.g. CENBII, NESUBL and OIOUBL) and transport (e.g. OpenPeppol, AS2, NemHandel) standards and speciffications.