September 30, 2020
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At a glance

Create an invoice

Creating an invoice is easy. Do it from scratch, utilize a saved template or based on job entries from the timesheet.


Enter timesheet data

Add and edit entries of the timesheet, as internal hours or billable. Assign to job categories for easy overview.


Customer balance overview

At an instant see the outstanding customer balances, even in multiple currencies.


Sales overview

Track your sales and categorize to see where your income is.


The eefacta Web is a simple yet powerful online billing system for issuing e-invoices, processing orders, and time tracking.

  • The eefacta Web connects companies using it to the eefacta Hub linking any micro enterprise to document exchange networks using fully standards compliant formats, using the format of the recipient‘s choice.
  • Deliver standard invoices and credit notes to recipients in document exchange networks, such as PEPPOL, NemHandel and others.
  • Deliver invoices to any recipient either electronically direct or via email
  • Register hours worked and allocate to projects and customers
  • Allow staff to use the time registration features without giving access to the invoicing features
  • Issue invoices based on hours registered
  • Simple overviews of issued invoices, sales and hours registered
  • Specify adjuments and payments to have a complete picture of customer balances.
The eefacta Web is fully standards compliant