March 06, 2021
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eefacta Web
eefacta Web

The eefacta Web is an online sales and billing system aimed at micro and small enterprises which enables sending electronic invoices and other documents.

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The eefacta Web offers a full, yet simple, solution for delivering standard invoices and credit notes from smaller entities to their large customers.
  • Micro companies and individuals whose customers are requesting electronic invoices and other business documents according to standards. More and more state and local authorities and large enterprises will soon only be accepting electronic invoices.
  • Large enterprises can provide the eefacta Web as a white label invoice portal for micro companies and other individual suppliers to send invoices to the enterprise


eefacta Web provides: 

  • Easily and quickly create your invoices from scratch.
  • Deliver invoices to any recipient directly via document exchange networks, via email or by using print services.
  • Let staff register hours and convert them to invoices.
  • Overview of all invoicing and time registrations.
  • Overview of current customer balances.
  • Overview of sales.

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Connection from an ERP system

The eefacta Web is for organizations without ERP system or with an ERP that does not support e-Invoicing. The eefacta Web is connected directly to the eefacta Hub.

eefacta Web overview

eefacta Web is a standalone online sales and billing application, which provides electronic delivery and services via the eefacta Hub.

Further information

Prepaid services

Benefit from paperless invoicing with a service that is adapted to your needs.

  • Free for limited usage. 
  • No fixed costs – cost is variable and prepaid. 
  • Prepayment options cover transactions and services. Pay more up front for lower cost per transaction.


SKU Name Credits (included invoices*) Validity period** Package price
WEBPK1 eefacta Web Micro 10 sent/received  2 months 15 EUR (free****)
WEBPK2 eefacta Web Mini 30 sent/received  4 months 41 EUR (free****)
WEBPK3 eefacta Web Small 100 sent/received  6 months 108 EUR (free****)
WEBPK4 eefacta Web Medium 250 sent/received  12 months 189 EUR (free****)
WEBPK5 eefacta Web Large 500 sent/received  12 months 227 EUR (free****)
* or any other other business documents. Count as credits towards extra services.
** the maximum period the credits are valid. Credit validity period can be extended if renewed before or upon expiration. Access can be reinstated after credits expire, whatever is convenient for the user.
*** no setup or additional connection fees.

**** we are currently in BETA testing, so simply register and use the service for free. Later we will give you the option to get further free credits.

Get connected

Simply find our eefacta Login link on the front page and register.

As the service is currently in BETA it is totally free at the moment.