January 24, 2021
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eefacta Cloud API are SOAP and RESTful web services.

Use the eefacta Cloud API for:

Feature Description
Data validation Validation of a business document according to document format validation and busines rules content validation.
Data creation  Creation of business document according to the receiver's format requirements (independent of supported standard)
Data extraction Extracting data from business document (independent of supported standards)
Endpoint lookups Make lookups to find capabilities of the business partners
  • Generic lookup (all networks)
  • Specific lookup on the PEPPOL network.
  • Specific lookup on the NemHandel network.
Sending documents  Send electronic business documents to your business partner
  • To the eefacta Cloud
  • To the PEPPOL network
  • To the NemHandel network
Receiving documents  Receiving electronic business documents from the eefacta Cloud. Receiving from PEPPOL and NemHandel networks is restricted to access through the the eefacta Hub and eefacta Server APIs.
Transforming documents  Transform electronic business documents into legible documents, conforming with EU legislation requirements.