March 06, 2021
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eefacta Cloud API
eefacta Cloud API

The eefacta Cloud API provides easy access to support tools in the cloud during the development phase and ensures data integrity and data consistency in the production environment.

 Cloud Services, Enterprise Solutions

Targeting and features

The eefacta Cloud API is used in three different scenarios.

  1. It is a key to the data integrity and data consistency of the eefacta Server and eefacta Hub. Both products use the eefacta Cloud API to access various services and functionality.
  2. It is a cloud support for development work for our partners and ERP providers. Users can create valid documents via the Cloud API or validate business documents they create in their own ERP system.
  3. Users can send documents from their ERP systems via the Cloud API to document exchange networks.

 More details

 About compliance - why are standards and specifications important?

The eefacta ecosystem

An overview of the roles of each service in the eefacta ecosystem. The standalone eefacta Web, eefacta Hub and eefacta Server providing access to external business document exchange networks through eefacta Cloud API.

Connection from an ERP system

ERP systems connect directly to the eefacta Cloud API via SOAP or REST services. Web tools are available for ad-hoc queries.

Further information


Pricing model is flexible. Users can select subscription model or prepaid variable cost models for the development phase and production phase (send only).

Subscription service is available as long as subscription is in place. Prepaid service is available for fixed time and transaction volume.

Part of the eefacta Cloud API is accessible via eefacta Hub. We recommend using eefacta Hub when receiving electronic documents, when volumes are low or there is a requirement for tracking, tracing or archiving.


SKU Name Credits (included transactions*) Validity period** Package price
WEBPK1 eefacta Cloud API Micro Not yet available
WEBPK2 eefacta Cloud API Mini Not yet available
WEBPK3 eefacta Cloud API Small Not yet available
WEBPK4 eefacta Cloud API Medium 250 transactions  12 months 189 EUR
WEBPK5 eefacta Cloud API Large 500 transactions  12 months 289 EUR
* includes validations of documents, sending to external networks, look-ups, etc.
** the maximum period the credits are valid. Credit validity period can be extended if renewed before or upon expiration.
*** no setup or additional connection fees.

Sending through eefacta Cloud API is based on a simple state machine, which only sends compliant documents to receivers. Documents can also be validated independently. Customers must maintain their own tracking logs and message states based on interaction with the service. 

Customers looking for complete messaging services with message logs, validations and receiving of messages should implement against the eefacta Web and eefacta Server messaging model.

Get connected

There are three ways to get access to eefacta Cloud API and the international document exchange networks:

  • Larger enterprises with their own in-house development can sign an agreement with us to use the eefacta Cloud API independently during their development.
  • Larger enterprises can get a complimentary access to the services as part of a full consultancy package with us or as their initial development against eefacta Web or eefacta Server.
  • Solution providers which service business software packages (ERPs) can get a complimentary access as re-sellers and implementation partners.