October 20, 2020
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Want E-Procurement? Then don't compromise on quality

Want E-Procurement? Then don't compromise on quality

Mission and vision

Unimaze Software's mission is to help enterprises in national and international markets to streamline their procurement process.

Our vision is a fully automated business environment where enterprises maximise their efficiency, benefit from reduced costs and reduce the effect on the environment.


Unimaze's values are quality, security and standardization.

Quality is the key to efficiency in business processes. Automation of business processes highly depends on the quality of the data that needs to be processed and on the quality of the underlying IT systems and procedures 

Quality has many dimensions and it depends on the circumstances which dimensions are of interest. Data integrity, consistency, accuracy and credibility are the key quality dimensions for electronic business documents used in E-Procurement. The service availability is the key quality parameter for the IT systems that support the E-Procurement process.


Security and standardization are the key foundations for quality in business data exchange.

Security is crucial in ensuring data integrity and data credibility. Data integrity ensures that data is preserved, from sender to receiver, without distortion from accidental or malicious intervention. Data credibility refers to the reasonableness of the data or how believable it is, i.e. is it from a known and certified source.

Standardization is necessary to ensure data consistency and data accuracy. Data consistency refers to the level of data repeatability, i.e. different parties provide the same information and in the same fields. Data accuracy refers to the degree of data correctness and conformity to a given standard. With formal standards is it possible to demand and verify data consistency and data accuracy.

Standards address both the format of the business documents and the transportation of these documents.

Unimaze supports E-Procurement based on internationally supported standards:

  • Business document standards. All documents must comply with international and/or national formation standards and specifications. Our customers and partners must be able to create and deliver business documents that comply to the standards. Examples of these standards are CEN BII, NES, OIOUBL (various UBL 2.0 based document forms) and the UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice.
  • Transport standards: Communication to national and international document exchanges network is always based on internationally accepted standards and specifications. Examples of these standards are the Peppol, NemHandel and AS2 specifications.